have it your way.

Every career is

different, right?

HumanX stands for human, and we want to evolve into a new way of doing consulting. Forcing you into an assignment at the other leg of Belgium isn’t going to make you stay, isn’t it? We feel that every consultant should be part of the HumanX DNA. We therefore strongly emphasize on involving our consultants in the HumanX life.


HR Consultant

HR Consultant  HumanX provides a range of HR solutions, from in-house operational support on a temporary basis to digital HR Solutions to help HR Departments optimize

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Our approach

At HumanX every consultant has its own development path and its own career in his hands. We are here to guide you but in the end, you decide what your career in HR will look like. There are no standard ways of growing in HR, so why would we impose you into one way or another?

You will have the opportunity to manage your own training budget and decide for yourself what to do with it. You wish to have a training on social legislation because you want to evolve into an HRBP role? Fine. Language classes? Good. A master in HRM? Great. 

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