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Human resources simplified

Every department in a company is facing the digital era. It’s an understatement to say Human Resources are always the last one on the digitalization list. At HumanX, we are ready for a new HR era that flips the script. The era where HR is central in the organization and helps with strategic decisions. But how can you focus on the strategic when the operational is still in the way? Well, a lot of HR day-to-day tasks can be simplified and automated. HumanX helps organizations do just that, so they can face the digital HR era head on.

Digital activities

Our digital activities are mainly centered around HR information systems (HRIS), HR analytics and chatbots. We strongly believe in a more effective way of working in HR thanks to digital solutions. This allows you to make quicker and better people decisions while staying ahead of competition. That is our goal. 

Have it your way

Chatbots to focus on what’s really important

Thanks to their interactivity and their ability to adapt to the natural language of humans, chatbots, digital conversational agents, are gaining ground in Human Resources. For instance, employees can directly ask your virtual assistant about holiday balance, telework policy and more. The bot can then pull that information up, automating the workflow for these requests.

With the HumanX chatbots for HR, you can reinvent your daily work and improve the quality of service. All while freeing up time for overloaded HR officers and managers. With our bots you get:

Real-time responses
availability on all devices
customization of the dialogue with the employee
the option for human intervention for complex questions
Your digital helper

Our chatbots can assist you in


by doing the first screenings and interview planning.


through FAQs and common employees questions.


 by answering questions about pay-slip, compensation and benefits.

Performance management

by facilitating annual reviews and more.

Get your chatbot chatting

objective decision-making

HR Analytics to make strategic decisions with the right data

Want to easily answer questions about staff turnover rate? Or gain insight into who will leave the company within the year? And what about the impact of location on turnover? With HR analytics, you use data to get those answers and enrich decision-making with facts. At HumanX, we believe strongly in the advantages that HR data can provide, especially when we empower it with artificial intelligence. Whatever challenge you need to solve, we give you the insights to confront them and ensure optimal growth.

While staying in control of your data, with our services you will be able to

Identify, hire and train the skills needed for the coming years
Determine a recruitment strategy based on facts
Improve professional mobility within the company
Hit all KPIs with ease
Save budget so you can inject it in new projects
Let cutting edge AI technology do the work for you

Start making better decisions

Because your time is precious

HR Information Systems (HRIS)
that match with your users

Are you tired of having an overcomplicated HR information system that is draining all your energy? Or just looking for an HRIS to take over from Excel? Inconvenient software costs precious time and impacts your mood and productivity. At HumanX, we fully understand that. Which is why we help our clients in choosing the right HR system based on a thorough requirement analysis. After all, the HRIS market is exploding and identifying which tool can make your HR strategy come true is a challenging task.

Our experts keep up with the latest trends, so you don’t have to. They will help you select the perfect tool and guide you through the implementation process, offering peace of mind every step of the way. By doing so you will

Save time
Have tools in line with your strategy
Improve productivity
Simplify your administration
Be able to report on-the-go

Simplify your workflow

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