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Making strategic decisions

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The HR Analytics concept is defined as the area of analysis that deals with the analysis of people and the application of the analytical process to human capital within the organization. Although still not yet popular, HR Analytics will notably enable the prediction of HR needs, turnover and the talent required in the future more or less for the optimal growth of the company. The purpose of HR Analytics is to collect data to gain insight into HR processes, collecting related data and using it to improve these processes in an informed and thoughtful manner.
The purpose of HR Analytics is to determine what data should be used and how. The data obtained will be used to simulate and predict the competencies that the company needs to obtain for an optimal return on investment. 
Thanks to HR Analytics, you will now be able to answer questions about phenomena without obvious links:
– What is your staff turnover rate?
– Do you know which of your employees will leave your company within a year?
– What percentage of staff turnover is a regrettable loss?
– What are the consequences of where my employees live on their absenteeism rate? 
– How can this location impact my employees’ work overload?
Thanks to HR Analytics, human resources can not only easily identify the skills needs of companies in the coming decade and determine a recruitment strategy, but also help to meet future challenges in the context of training, requalification and professional mobility within the company.
For example, the use of HR analytics at the recruitment level of a company will make possible the recruitment of profiles that are more in line with internal needs, which is important because a good recruitment means positive KPIs for the HR in charge of this budget, and in the end a saving that can be re-injected in another budget.

At HumanX we believe that enriching the discussions with the business by using HR data will help HR step-up into the strategic partnering. 

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