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How bots can help you

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A chatbot, also known as a virtual conversational agent, is a computer program capable of conversing with a user for a few minutes or more, giving the impression that the user is chatting with a real person.
Long confined to the field of distance selling and customer relations, chatbots are now gaining ground in the field of Human Resources thanks to their interactivity and their ability to adapt to the natural language of humans. 
The HumanX HR chatbots will also and above all make it possible to reinvent daily work in human resources and improve service quality, all while freeing up time for overloaded HR officers and managers. The advantages of this solution are numerous: real-time responses, access regardless of the terminal used, customization of the dialogue with the employee, the ability to redirect to a human person in the event of an overly complex question, and so on. 
Our chatbots can assist you in many activities:
– Recruitment: first screenings and interview planning
– Onboarding
– FAQ’s and common employees questions
– Payroll: pay-slip questions
– Compensation & Benefits
– Annual reviews – Performance Management
The chatbot, in addition to providing personalized information to users, can be the entry point to the automatic completion of an administrative task. 
A user can then directly request the chatbot to find out his holiday balance, to ask questions about the company’s teleworking policy, or to report an error in his pay slip. The bot will therefore also be able to automate the processing process in place of the company’s human resources manager.

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